Why I Trust Styles

Jun 1, 2016 | Product Reviews | 0 comments

Elizabeth has served as the the Product and Licensing Specialist for Styles Checks for more than six years. Within this role, she ensures we offer the best variety of check designs to our customers, both by enhancing legacy designs and creating new designs.

Many people feel check writing is a drag because you are spending money, but I honestly enjoy writing checks! While our site has a variety of colorful and fun designs to choose from, I chose a design called “Destinations.” I love them! This design is bright and colorful with scenes of the Taj Mahal, Greece, the Great Pyramids and the famous Colosseum. It really speaks to my personal interests, and with every check I checks that inspire travelwrite, I reflect on how awesome it will be to travel to these destinations one day!

Along with my check order, I always purchase EZShield Check Fraud Protection and Identity Restoration. In today’s society, check fraud and identity theft have become all too common. While there is an additional one-time fee for these services, I like to think of it as an insurance… something I hopefully won’t have to use, but if I do, I will be very happy to have it!

For added security, Styles also offers Securiguard® checks which contain six advanced security features to help protect you from check fraud. You can learn all about the features of this check design in our blog, extra protection with every check you write!

Styles Checks provides their customers a way to spread their interests and personalities through their design selection.  With such a wide variety to choose from, you can never go wrong with the design you select!

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