The Nest Thermostat

Sep 14, 2016 | Product Reviews | 0 comments

Everywhere you look, it may seem like new products are hitting the market that are connected to the Internet and can be controlled from a smartphone. Well, this observation isn’t too far from truth! Ready or not, the Internet of Things is here!

The Nest ThermostatA few months ago, we shared an infographic depicting the Internet of Things (IoT), a technological trend of connecting traditionally non-digital items to the Internet so that you can monitor and control them remotely. One of the items we pointed out was smart thermostats, so today, we’re taking a look at one called Nest.

Using a connection to the Internet, the Nest thermostat boasts that if you program it every day as you wish, after a few days, the thermostat will run on auto-pilot, adjusting to the time of day and preferred temperature. What’s more, you can download the Nest app onto your smartphone, so that if you will be home earlier Control the Nest thermostat from your smartphoneor later than your normal schedule, you can adjust the temperature from anywhere with an Internet connection. Using location services on your phone, the Nest thermostat can even determine when you are away from home and auto-adjust itself. Last, the Nest app will also give you a snapshot glance at your energy usage if you are looking for ways to be more efficient and cut your utility bills.

This IoT device will cost about $249 and takes under an hour to install. Before you purchase it, you may want to explore potential rebates with your energy company. After it’s setup, you should also ensure that you are using a secure Internet connection to access your Nest to avoid the risk of being hacked.

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