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All About Checks

Are you purchasing checks for the very first time? Or are you wondering how to get the most of checks? On our site,, we’ve created a Personal Finance Tips section to help answer some of the most common questions about checks.

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The Nest Thermostat

Everywhere you look, it may seem like new products are hitting the market that are connected to the Internet and can be controlled from a smartphone. Well, this observation isn’t too far from truth! Ready or not, the Internet of Things is here!

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Privacy Means Profit by John Sileo

One day, he was running a successful, 40 year old software company, and the next, the company was destroyed, while he faced prison for crimes he didn’t commit. This is just one of the two times our partner, John Sileo, was the victim of identity theft.

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Securing Your RFID Credit Card

Do you make purchases with a Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) card (e.g. Visa payWAVE®, American Express® Expresspay, MasterCard® PayPass™ and/or Discover Zip)? While it’s convenient to tap-and-go when making your payment with an RFID card, if your card is not secured in an RFID-blocking wallet, thieves can virtually steal your card information without ever touching your wallet. This is known as electronic pickpocketing.

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EZShield Ranks #1… AGAIN!

For the third year in a row, our partner, EZShield, has been awarded “Best Overall Identity Protection Leader” by Javelin Strategy & Research. What’s more is EZShield received first place honors as the top EZShield is named best overall identity protection leader by Javelinprovider for all three primary categories: Prevention, Detection and Resolution.

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Why I Trust Styles

Many people feel check writing is a drag because you are spending money, but I honestly enjoy writing checks! While our site has a variety of colorful and fun designs to choose from, I chose a design called “Destinations.” I love them!

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