Here are some of our favorite resources to keep you in-the-know and protected against identity theft and check fraud!

  • Have you ever wondered what all of the numbers on your checks represent? Learn more about the Anatomy of a Check!
  • Did you know that the average loss per incident of check fraud is nearly $2,500! To help protect you, we offer EZShield Check Fraud Protection and Securiguard® Checks
  • Protecting your data is our top priority, so we have partnered with John Sileo: Technology, Identity & Privacy Expert! When his own identity was stolen, he spent two years fighting to stay out of jail. Now, he has dedicated his life to helping you safeguard yours!
  • Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) refers to a small transmitting device that can be embedded in an object (e.g. credit card) and transmits information from that object to a reading device, such as a grocery store scanner. While it can be a convenient feature, it also puts you at of Electronic Pickpocketing (theft of your personal information using RFID scanners that from a distance.) Scary, right? Check out our line of RFID-blocking products to reduce your risk of wirelesses pickpocketing theft.


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